What should I do if an article is non-conform?

Please call +39 0544502671 to check if the problem can be solved on the phone or it is necessary that you return the article. In case you should return the article, we ask you to fill in entirely the returned goods module and email it to commercialeadriatica@commercialeadriatica.com or info@panice.it. Wait for instructions before proceeding.

What should I do in case I need a specific article not present in the catalogue?

Email to commercialeadriatica@commercialeadriatica.com or info@panice.it the technical data sheet of the article you are sourcing for together with its photo and we will try to find it for you.

Do you have the certifications for your products/ systems?

Sure, please find them as follows: 

Is it possible to personalize Panice® products with my own LOGO?

Sure, please contact us by emailing us to commercialeadriatica@commercialeadriatica.com or info@panice.it

Where can I find the technical data sheet of Panice® products?

We invite you to contact us at commercialeadriatica@commercialeadriatica.com or info@panice.it, indicating the type of article you are interested in and we will provide you all the technical details.

Are there any promotions for me if I am already a Panice® customer?

Our sales department has always something in store for you. Contact us by email at commercialeadriatica@commercialeadriatica.com or info@panice.it for further information.

How can I remove the limestone from the tap water?

In order to eliminate the limestone from the tap water, it is enough to install a water softener before the domestic water system. The benefits of softened water are obvious: major efficiency and less cost of operations for boilers and appliances, less consumption of detergents, less effort for house cleaning.

Provide an analysis of your water with hardness in French degrees and the staff of Commerciale Adriatica will provide you with the most suitable softener for your home.rle l’impianto più idoneo per la tua abitazione.

The water tastes like chlorine. What can I do?

The chlorine taste is often one of the most unpleasant flavors of water. A filtration with activated carbon is the most appropriate remedy to remove this unpleasant taste. Discover the solutions Panice ® in order to eliminate the taste of chlorine from the water or contact us to find the solution that best suits your needs.

Does the osmosis really work?

Reverse osmosis is a treatment that works very well; is a treatment that removes a significant quantity of dissolved substances among which also the elements harmful to the environment. Throughout this process, the water with the help of an osmotic membrane will be pure and safe for drinking and cooking as it is low in minerals as certain brands of bottled water.


How often should I replace the filters of my system?

The filters should be replaced every 6 months in the standard conditions. In case you leave the system switched off for several days, it is advisable to replace them in order to avoid bacteria spread.

The water has a bad taste and/or smell. What is the reason?

If you have already installed a reverse osmosis system most probably, the post carbon filter and/or the membrane are dirty. You need to replace those components and make the cleansing; we recommend that you contact your technician. In case you do not have any filter installed, it is enough a simple cartridge filter that eliminates unpleasant smells of the water, making a pleasant taste even to the most refined palate.

Where can I find the price list of Panice®?

Our policy is not to show the prices of the products on the web, because this might attract the customer only at the lowest cost but we prefer direct contact with the customer.  Please contact our sales department or send an email to commercialeadriatica@commercialeadriatica.com or info@panice.it to show you the ideal solution for your needs.